My name is Maggi Daigle I reside in upstate NY. Aside from life with chronic illness, I enjoy doing anything that provokes creative thinking. I am an artist, avid reader, chef, horticulturist, and pool player. This blog will be dedicated to compiles of short stories from my past, most relating to my journey with ankylosing spondylitis. My disease has inspired me to write about experiences that have left an impression on me. I also feel the need to share my experiences with ankylosing spondylitis to promote disease awareness and education. I have always had a keen interest in reading and writing personal narratives and memoirs. I am a magnet for anything out of the ordinary. If you know me personally you would agree that certain people and unheard of situations are drawn to me. My life has been anything but average. I have finally decided to share. If you enjoy surreal, uncanny artwork, random memoirs of odd occurrences packed with hidden meaning of self-purpose and spirituality, personal tales of despair topped with witty sarcasm and inspiration, make yourself at home. Each of the images displayed on this blog are of my artwork and photographs I have taken.


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